Mother Abandoned, Baby Jumbo Saved by Tamil Nadu Forest Authorities

A three-month-old baby elephant that had been left by his mother was saved by a squad of Tamil Nadu forest officers. The calf, whose mother was unwell and had been laying on the ground for a few days, was the subject of a tale told by IAS Officer Supriya Sahu on X. She did, however, restore her health and rejoin her herd after receiving the necessary care from the forest department.


However, the mother unexpectedly left her calf behind, which forced the department to care for the baby jumbo.

“Wonderful sensation when we give a 3-month-old baby elephant in our care a loving cuddle after his mother elephant abandoned him. On June 3rd, in Coimbatore, the woman was discovered unconscious on the ground, her infant running about her in fear. She was treated for over three days by foresters from Tamil Nadu after being raised using a crane. She recovered her health and rejoined her herd, but tragically, Sahu posted on her X account that she has persistently refused to accept her baby elephant despite the foresters and veterinarians’ tireless efforts to bring them together.

Following several unsuccessful efforts to reunite the baby jumbo with his mother, Theppakadu Elephant Camp was chosen by forest authorities to provide the calf with further care and protection.

“The good news is that he will be accompanied by 27 older elephants and two more young elephants. We are dedicated to giving elephant calves the finest care possible in accordance with the SOP, which was created via scientific research. The message continues, “Above all, our Mahouts are skilled and renowned for their unwavering devotion and dedication to elephants.

The forest authorities were also shown a video and some images of the young jumbo by the IAS officer. The infant may be seen dozing off and sipping water in the photos.

Online users didn’t take long to express their opinions. “The Tamil Nadu government’s forest department is maintaining the landscape and wild life admirably well, taking care of wildlife with compassion and the wilderness and landscape commendably well, thereby protecting the environment,” said an X user, praising the Tamil Nadu forest department.

“Maam, sending all the good wishes to the team and you,” another person said. You people are doing well. Godspeed.

“Thank you very much, Madam, on behalf of the elephant kid,” was written in a remark.

“You have little Gannu in good hands. God bless you, everybody,” someone said.

One more person said that the group ought to win something for their kindness. “The team should receive awards and national attention.” I appreciate all of your hard work, the remark says.

Since the time it was shared on X, the post has received almost 67,000 views.

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