Mumbai’s Famous Wankhede Stadium’s “One in a Million” Aerial Photo Astonishes Internet

Social networking sites are a veritable gold mine of images, movies, and clips that can make any person feel beautiful. You can discover everything on social media these days, from adorable melodies to gorgeous scenery to mouthwatering foods. A brief video or image has the ability to captivate and connect with millions of people worldwide in this digital era. Kulfei, an X user, has posted an enthralling aerial clip of Mumbai’s famous Wankhede Stadium taken from above. The photo undoubtedly attracted the attention and adoration of social media addicts worldwide right away.

According to The Indian Express, the picture was captured from a special vantage point that is well above the busy metropolis of Mumbai. The image showed the stadium lit up with lights and bathed in golden tones. The stadium for cricket seemed almost otherworldly against the background of the metropolis. The expansive field has hosted many important cricket matches and memorable historical events, such as the 2011 ICC World Cup win led by MS Dhoni.

Internet users were eager to commend the amazing photograph as soon as it was posted on the microblogging site X, referring to it as a “One in a million” aerial shot. The post has more over 9 lakh views, so far. A user replied, “You could also see it from space also, NASA has just confirmed this,” in response to the numerous “Wow” and “Click in a million” comments from other users. One other person joked that the lady was undoubtedly the “fifth umpire. (Fifth Empire Aap hi ho)” Users have been amazed by the sheer beauty and majesty caught in that little time, as seen by the large number of comments, likes, and shares the post has received.

Around the world, sports fans have a particular place in their hearts for the magnificent Wankhede Stadium. A symbol of cricketing grandeur, the stadium hosted the 2011 Cricket World Cup final and has seen several memorable performances by renowned players. This famous stadium has a life-sized monument of star batter Sachin Tendulkar built as an homage on November 1, 2023, which makes it even more unique for cricket enthusiasts.

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