Once a war station, the abandoned Scottish Psychiatric Hospital is now the haunted place

There are well-known haunted locations all around the globe that are infamous for strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena. One such creepy place is a century-old mental institution in the Scottish town of Bangour, West Lothian. The facility gives off a spooky vibe that makes people want to avoid it.

Originally built in 1906, the hospital saw action in World War I as a component of the Edinburgh War Hospital. But it changed into a mental health center, and in 2004 it was shut down, signaling the end of an era. Numerous mental institutions were shut down as a result of changing mental healthcare methods in the UK, which was the reason for the closure.

The hospital’s location, which is surrounded by a haunting environment, has been used for government and movie purposes. The Jacket, a 2005 psychological thriller starring Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley, was filmed in this setting. The Scottish government then used the location in 2009 for a decontamination process as part of a counterterrorism drill that mimicked how to react to a nuclear explosion.

A Facebook group was created by urban explorer Natasha McCallum, who took pictures of the hospital’s present condition after entering inside. “All that remains is dark corridors, collapsing floors and is pretty much falling to the ground,” the author stated, describing the situation. She emphasized the location’s reputation for being haunted and expressed hesitation to return there alone despite the eerie atmosphere. The chilly fog that greeted McCallum’s arrival only added to the foreboding atmosphere of the crumbling buildings.

According to reports, ten of the hospital’s buildings were planned for residential construction, while the other several were to be demolished. The site’s past, which includes its beginnings as a medical facility during World War II, its conversion into a mental health facility, and its ultimate abandonment, adds to its allure.

The crumbling nature of the abandoned hospital and its eerie hallways continue to feed local lore of ghostly encounters, creating a haunting legacy that reverberates across West Lothian’s history as it sits frozen in time.

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