“One of the Most Difficult Tasks”: Mr. Beast Stays For Seven Days In An Isolated City

You can count on Mr. Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, to produce some of the most oddball, extravagant, and outrageous films. Jimmy recently attempted to spend seven days in a deserted city with his companions. The 25-year-old YouTuber and his pals were dumped on a structure in Kupari, a deserted Croatian beach resort. Following heavy bombing during the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990s, Kupari was abandoned.

The Grand Hotel Kupari, the oldest of the seven enormous hotels in the little settlement, was constructed in 1920. In order to help Jimmy and his buddies survive in the city, a supply of water, quick food, and sleeping bags was handed to them. Jimmy called the event “one of the hardest challenges we’ve ever done” when he shared this video.

The gang originally set up headquarters in an open-sided facility on their first day together. They were exposed to bitter cold at night as a result. They also heard glass shattering throughout the night, which was subsequently identified as the work of scientific YouTuber Mark Rober, who took part in the challenge. Two of the team members departed the challenge at one point in the film when half of their water supply was broken. Only Jimmy and Mark remained to complete the task.

Since it was uploaded on March 2, this 17-minute movie has received over 67 million views. One person who was seeing it commented, saying, “It’s amazing that this successful man can still have fun living off of three sticks and a rock for a week.” A true performer.” “Imagine Jimmy renovating the whole city,” said a second person.

However, the fact that Jimmy’s team members dropped out of the challenge in the middle annoyed several people. “It wasn’t a challenge if you were willing to quit based on a loss of supplies, even water,” a user said. If you had tried to locate a new water source and forage for food, the story would have been far more engaging.” “So they basically survived with all the resources made available beforehand,” said someone else in a mocking manner.

Jimmy has previously produced videos on “survival” difficulties. One of his movies, “7 Days Stranded at Sea,” went viral in August of last year and received an incredible 46 million views in only 23 hours.

Jimmy said, “The new video broke the world record for most views in 24 hours on a non-music video!” when he posted this moment on X (formerly Twitter). I’m living the life that, at thirteen, I used to dream of every night. I really appreciate everyone viewing our videos, and I love you all! I promise never to undervalue any of you.”

“Plus, I never want to hear that the only reason I get views is because I give away money,” he said. With my buddies and I suffering and laughing, we smashed the world record.”

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