“Orhan Awatramani’s Latest Statement Triggers Meme Fest,” and the internet can’t stop laughing

A thorough investigation may even provide the “secrets” of the “mysterious” Area 51, but no force is powerful enough to unearth the occupation of socialite Orhan Awatramani. Known by his stage name Orry, he has been in the news a lot due to his career and contacts in the Bollywood business. In spite of this, nobody knows anything about him and they are just as perplexed about his job as the friends of Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother” were. Orry has gained attention once again and is now going viral for his most recent remarks about being a “liver” since he is “living.” orry bigg boss 171700670081752

When a video of Orry talking on a program appeared online, it quickly gained popularity on social media. The guy was shown in the viral video describing his “life,” in which he held the identical views to his “liver theory,” according to which a person who works is a “jobber.”

The user “rose_k01” posted the video on the social media platform X, which was once known as Twitter. “Orry – I live therefore Im a Liver,” was another caption that was added to the image.”

A video featuring Orry’s name on a LinkedIn profile went viral just a few days ago. Orry worked for Reliance Industries as a “Special Project Manager,” according to his biography. Subsequently, he was also spoken about in a “Koffee With Karan” Season 8 episode. His buddy and actress Ananya Panday repeated his remarks, “Orry is working on himself,” but this was again of little use.

People responded to the video with the cutest reactions as soon as it got viral. Many others remembered his earlier analysis of the same and deluged the internet with jokes about it.

Many offered their opinions in the comment area. I feel sorry for his parents if he is a second-generation industrialist because of what he plans to achieve in business. Another said, “No issue with being gay, but I find this boy nonserious.. page 3 types.” Another user said, “He was KIDney when he was younger.” “I don’t know him. Someone somebody tell me his name. In Hindi movie trailers, I see him dressed ridiculously,” said a fourth netizen. A fifth participant said, “We still don’t know what Orry does for liver.”

“I’m a kidney, and I’m here for jokes,” a sixth individual said. A seventh person said, “But: I sleep, therefore I’m a sleeper.” The following line read, “I am joking… I am a joker.”

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