Parents Dislike UK Schools For Tight Rules, Comparing Them To “Military Camp”

Concerns about what they see as too tight standards at Brakenhale School in Berkshire, UK, have been raised by parents of pupils, who compare the school to a “prison” or “military camp.” The issue relates to a number of new rules that the school’s newly appointed headteacher, Camilla Douglas, put in place after taking over in February.

One of the most controversial regulations mentioned by parents, according to a Metro story, is the prohibition on speaking in the hallways. Parents find this restriction to be oppressive and overbearing. Parents also claim that instructors allow their pupils three seconds to look at them while they are speaking, after which they issue a warning. The study also said that the school community’s unhappiness has been growing as a result of these and other perceived severe measures.

Parents who were alarmed by the situation claim that 30 pupils were suspended within the first week of the new headteacher’s employment. Additionally, they claimed that minor offenses like wearing “fake eyelashes, short hair, or fake coughs” were being used as excuses for punishing kids. Consequently, some parents say that within a week, forty students had moved from Brakenhale School to a neighboring secondary school.

Paul Wells, a former English teacher, has also criticized the administration of the school, calling its methods “authoritarian,” according to The Mirror. According to the news source, in September of last year, he had previously compared the institution to a “military school or barracks.”

Parents of two pupils at Brakenhale School, Keith and Kelly Ellis, told Metro how frustrated they were with the state of affairs. They related incidents in which their boys were disciplined, one of which was their youngest son being placed in isolation after a blow to the face from a fellow student. Frankie, their second kid, was reportedly placed in isolation because the school thought his coughing and short hair were “fake.”

Hairdresser Kelly Ellis criticized the school’s policy, describing it as “very military” and claiming that kids experience quiet throughout the day. The report also said that she brought up an instance in which a teacher, who was allegedly also wearing artificial eyelashes, sent a pupil home for donning them.

The head teacher responded to the claims by telling the magazine that the school does not talk to the media on issues pertaining to kids and urged anybody with concerns to get in touch with the school immediately. Bracknell Forest Council’s executive director of people, Grainne Siggins, emphasized that, as Brakenhale School is an academy under the Greenshaw Learning Trust, concerns need to be directed to the institution itself.

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