Popular video: Gujarat couple marries in the chilly Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, leaving the internet in awe

A Gujarati couple took a singular trip to be married in the stunning Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, in a touching celebration of love. Following the release of a video on the internet that featured the couple’s amazing wedding, the charming ceremony captured the attention of internet users.

Ajay Banyal, an assistant public relations officer in the government of Himachal Pradesh, posted the video on platform X, and it has rapidly garnered popularity. “A marriage like this too!” screamed Banyal in his English-language caption for his Hindi photo. A loving couple from Gujarat traveled to Spiti and adorned the mandap in -25 degrees thanks to the girlfriend’s perseverance. This is an unprecedented instance. A special marriage happened in Moorang, Spiti, today. Here’s an illustration of a destination wedding.

The cameraman starts the movie with the bride standing in a vehicle decorated with flowers while driving through the bitter cold of Spiti while wearing her wedding gown. As the film progresses, spectators can be seen watching the bride and groom embrace under the mandap during their wedding against the background of snow-capped mountains.

In an additional video uploaded as an Instagram Reel, the pair can be seen being married in Moorang village, Spiti Valley, in the snow. In addition to receiving gloves to protect them from the bitter cold, the couple is recognized in the video for organizing the “Longest Road Trip Wedding Expedition.” After the wedding, the couple drives away together on a snow-covered road, with the bride behind the wheel.

The two films were posted two days ago and have received a lot of attention; more than 24,000 views have been accumulated on one, and more than 8,000 views on the other. Social media users have responded to the footage in a variety of ways.

People on social media shared their thoughts on the nontraditional wedding: “My dream is to get married in Spiti,” a positive user on X said.
– Another user, however, had a different viewpoint when they said, “They are destroying the natural beauty of mountains.” Pollution and needless hurry for the sake of Reels.”
A third person made the amusing comment, “Sister had to recreate the Switzerland wedding in India.”
– A fourth person said, “I’ve seen a destination wedding on the beach,” expressing amazement. I have never seen anything like this in the snow.”

In addition to making a lasting effect on those who saw it personally, the couple’s incredible trek to Spiti Valley has sparked debate and a range of viewpoints on social media.

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