Rahul Gandhi issues a warning after a video of a UP teenager voting “eight times” in Etah goes viral and leads to his incarceration

According to authorities, a young person from Etah, Uttar Pradesh, was taken into custody on Sunday after a video of him casting many ballots went viral on social media.

The young person who was detained has been named Rajan Singh, a native of the Etah district hamlet of Khiriya Pamaran.

Officials claim that when the video went viral on social media, the event was reported in the Farrukhabad parliamentary constituency and action was taken.

Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of the Samajwadi Party (SP), and other politicians also shared the video.

Akhilesh Yadav, the head of the Samajwadi Party, posted the video on X to his social media account. In it, the individual can be seen repeatedly filming himself while purportedly casting ballots for the BJP.

Voting in the Farrukhabad seat began on May 13.

A re-election has been suggested for the booth in the Etah district, according to Uttar Pradesh Chief Election Officer Navdeep Rinwa, who said that the youngster has been charged under many laws.

“FIR of the incident has been registered under sections 171-F and 419 of the IPC and sections 128, 132 and 136 of RP Act 951 in Nayagaon police station in Etah district,” the chief executive officer of UP said in a post on

The article went on to state that there have been directives to suspend and file disciplinary charges against every voter in the voting party. The ECI at the relevant polling location has been advised to conduct a recount.

“Strict instructions to rigorously follow the procedure in regard to the identification of the voters have been issued to all district election officers of the remaining phases in UP,” it said.

In the meantime, Congressman Rahul Gandhi has threatened to take harsh action against anybody who violates the constitutional oath should the INDIA alliance win power, and he has asked all officials serving on electoral duty to remember their constitutional obligations in the face of pressure.

His comments on “X” were in response to Akhilesh Yadav, the head of the Samajwadi Party, sharing a video on social media that allegedly showed someone casting “eight” votes for the BJP.

In a post to X, Gandhi said, “Seeing its defeat, the BJP wants to rob democracy by putting pressure on the government machinery to deny the mandate.”

“Otherwise, as soon as the government of the INDIA bloc is formed, such action will be taken that, in future, anyone will think 10 times before insulting the ‘oath of the Constitution’.”

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