Rinky Chakma, the 2017 Miss India Tripura, passes away at age 28 after a protracted illness

2017 Miss India Tripura Rinky Chakma’s lengthy fight with cancer came to an end. She had been battling cancer since 2022 and was 28 years old.

A Femina article claims that the former Miss India Tripura received a breast cancer diagnosis in 2022. After her first operation, the disease sadly expanded to her head, lungs, and brain. As a consequence, she developed a brain tumor.

On February 22, Rinky was brought to the intensive care unit (ICU) of Max Hospital Saket. There, she was given a serious condition rating and put on ventilator support. Her deteriorating condition was partly caused by the serious damage to her lungs. Details of her last ceremonies are still unknown at this time.

Rinky openly discussed her experience with cancer last month on Instagram. She spoke about her fight against a malignant phyllodes tumor in 2022, which finally spread to her brain and lungs.

Rinky sent a lengthy letter about her fight with cancer on her Instagram page last month. “In 2022, a malignant phyllodes tumor (breast cancer) was detected in me. Following my first operation, it spread to my lungs and is now a brain tumor in my skull. With barely 30% chance, she stated, “My brain surgery is still pending as it has already spread to my right side of my body up to my lungs and it will only be possible if I heal with chemotherapy first.”

“I just wanted to let everyone know that me and my family are going through a rough time and the last two years have also not been easy with regular hospital stays and visits,” the former Miss India Tripura said.Since my therapy has consumed all of our funds over the past two years, I am now collecting contributions. I reasoned that sharing my struggles with everyone would help me feel better.

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