Samsung responds after a Reddit user calls "Space Zoom" moon shots fake

Samsung responds after a Reddit user calls "Space Zoom" moon shots fake

Every time a brand-new technology enters the market, not everyone will be impressed. Samsung introduced the "space zoom" feature for its Galaxy series, which makes images of celestial things like the moon just as clear as those of nearby objects. A Reddit user didn't find this technology to be impressive. Or maybe more accurately, in shock. He said in a post that these "space zoom" images are bogus.

"The moon photographs from Samsung are phony," he said in his post. The marketing from Samsung is misleading. It provides detail where none previously existed (in this experiment, it was intentionally removed). While several exposures and frames are mentioned in this article, the majority of the work is really being done by AI rather than optics.

The customer also said that according to Samsung, while taking a picture, no image overlaying or texture effects are applied since they can confuse the Scene Optimizer's ability to recognize items by their comparable texture patterns. Technically speaking, it is true that no texture is added throughout the process, but in practice, this is not how it really happens. An AI model is still being used in the process to add the texture of the moon.

In response to these allegations, the South Korean corporation has now issued a formal statement of its own. They said in the statement that Samsung works to provide unmatched camera experiences in every situation. Samsung has started incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its cameras with the Galaxy S10 to help consumers capture every special moment.

This project's Scene Optimizer function, which uses cutting-edge AI to detect items and provide the best results, is a key element. The detail enhancement engine of Scene Optimizer is used to identify the moon as a separate object during picture capture since since the Galaxy S21 range of smartphones was introduced.

According to the statement, Samsung created the Scene Optimizer feature, a camera feature that employs cutting-edge AI to detect objects and provide consumers with the best results. With the launch of the Galaxy S21 series, Scene Optimizer has been able to identify the moon during the photo-taking process as a particular object, and it then applies the feature's detail improvement engine to the picture.

They said that Samsung is working to enhance Scene Optimizer. This can help clarify if you're taking a photo of the actual moon or an image of it. The Galaxy S series models up to the S20 model and the whole Galaxy Z Fold series both use the Scene Optimizer technology.