Secret Diary reveals the secret of 'Foo Fighters', know what is the relationship between World War II and aliens!

Secret Diary reveals the secret of 'Foo Fighters', know what is the relationship between World War II and aliens!

The world has seen many wars, but the second world war has not been forgotten to date. More than seven decades have passed since the Second World War, but many mysteries related to it are still being revealed. Now a shocking revelation related to World War II has been revealed which is related to aliens. In fact, in December 1944, the army of dictator Adolf Hitler attacked Belgium and Luxembourg for the last time.

After this, American bomber pilots saw a mysterious sight in the sky of Germany. This scene seen in the sky was described as the Nazi Super Weapon. US Air Force pilots saw a silver-colored circular shape in the German sky. Pilots reported that the figure was composed of one or more parts and looked blurry. After that, it suddenly disappeared. These mysterious figures were named the Foo Fighters.

The mysterious figure seen in the sky, Donald J. Mears was the first to name the Foo Fighters (Mystery Of Foo Fighters). Mears was the operator of the 415th Night Fighter Squadron. Secret information written in parts of the official diary of the 415th Squadron has come to the fore.
Roshni chases planes

The Official War Diary reveals why the pilots thought the Foo Fighters were in the hands of some intelligence. Many mysterious things have been revealed from the secret diary. The diary states that six red and green T-shaped figures were seen in the Rastat region of Germany, which followed the planes as close as 1000 feet. These lights were seen for many miles behind the planes and then suddenly they got hot.

Aliens not suspected?

It is written in one place in the diary that more Foo Fighters were seen last night than this. It is written in the operation report that two lights were seen in the areas around Hagen. These lights were seen coming from the ground toward the planes. Cruise missile V1 and ballistic missile V2 were used by the Nazis in this war.
Along with this, Hitler also included fighters armed with operational prisons and rockets in his army. Due to this, the commanders of America and the countries fighting with it thought that the scientists of Germany might have created some strange and new weapons. It is said that due to this the existence of aliens was not suspected.

According to American pilots, Foo fighters damaged their planes during the attack on Germany. When the war was over, it was discovered that similar mysterious incidents were happening to pilots from Germany and Japan. Incidents related to Foo Fighters stopped coming to light after January 1945. Scientists say that if the word UFO had become famous between 1943-1945, then these events must have been linked to aliens.

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