See: A horribly mishandled fighter jet stunt in Bangladesh results in the death of one pilot

Videos of several terrible aviation mishaps may be seen all over the internet. Another video of a famous pilot and squadron commander of the Bangladesh Air Force dying in a horrific jet accident recently went viral. The Indian Express stated that when a fighter aircraft went down, a trick went terribly wrong. On YouTube, the horrifying mishap was captured in a CCTV video of the prank that went viral. The action-movie-like sequence included the Yakovlev Yak-130 aircraft doing a variety of aerial maneuvers.

Commander Asim Jawad, the Bangladesh Air Force’s squadron commander, perished in the aircraft crash as a result of the terrible event. According to reports, Commander Jawad attempted the very dangerous aerial maneuver known as the low-altitude triple spin, which is often featured in action movies like Top Gun. The maneuver failed spectacularly at such a low height that the aircraft scraped down the tarmac, smoking with sparks shooting out of it. The aircraft eventually crashed to the ground after making another attempt to take off. Commander Jawad and Sohan Hasan Khan, his copilot, were able to escape the Yakovlev Yak-130 and plummet into a nearby river. But although Khan remains in serious condition at the hospital, Jawad passed away immediately.

The footage captures moments just before the disaster, when the aircraft spins about in the air before crashing onto the ground and exploding. Security camera video shows smoke and sparks being released by the fighter aircraft before the catastrophic event. According to the Inter-Services Public Relations of Bangladesh (ISPR), an aircraft technical breakdown was the reason for the disaster.

The video footage demonstrated the accident’s cause. Many were astonished to find that the trick failed and the aircraft crashed after the footage was published. Many of them visited the comment section to offer the pilots their sympathies. “It seems to show the high-risk stunt was the cause of the crash,” a commenter said. “That incident report will be a sad read,” said a different commenter. From a Navy aircraft veteran, my condolences.”

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