See: Woman Demonstrates ‘Village-style’ Method for Cooling Water in Summer

Now that summer has arrived, there is a noticeable rise in the need for cooled drinking water. In several regions of the nation, the mercury has already risen to 45 degrees Celsius. It’s so hot outside that folks would rather drink cold. While getting cooled drinking water from our refrigerator is a simple task for us, it remains a fantasy for others. A refrigerator is out of reach for millions of people. They typically use inventive techniques to get cold water. An example of a desi-style cure was just posted on Instagram. The lady demonstrated in the video how to acquire cold water without a refrigerator.

Watch this video:

Even your home refrigerator cannot compare to this unusual refrigerator. Netizens were astounded to observe the unusual method. The fact that this refrigerator is free of charge is its most unexpected feature. This is a common method used by individuals living in rural areas of the nation to get cold water. Let’s examine the unusual fridge that appeared on Instagram:

In the video that went viral, Divya Sinha, a lady, described how they are receiving cool water in this intense heat without using a refrigerator. You are incorrect if you believe that they are utilizing clay containers to keep the water cold. because it takes time for water kept in an earthen pot to cool. In the video, the individuals carefully fill a plastic container with water and cover it with a damp towel. They wrapped the bottle and then suspended it from the tree. It takes ten to fifteen minutes for the water to cool.

In the video, the lady also discussed the actual science of the collapsing water. When air moves through the damp fabric, she explained. The water becomes chilly. For those who live in remote regions without access to enough energy, this is a practical solution. One person praised the original concept, saying, “What an innovative idea didi, commendable job!!” Another said, “You are an inspiration.”

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