See: Woman Finds It Hard To Talk After Yawning, Leaving Her Jaw Stuck

It may seem like the stuff of nightmares to yawn loudly and then not be able to shut your mouth, but a US influencer recently went through something similar in real life. New Jerseyan Jenna Sinatra had to visit the hospital to have her jaw mended after it became jammed open. The disorder known as “lockjaw” results in the lower jaw being locked either open or closed. Using the camera on her phone, Jenna recorded her incident. Her mouth is hanging wide on the video, making it difficult for her to communicate clearly. “I have seen this before,” a hospital employee remarks as they lead her to undergo an x-ray.

The physicians gave her muscle relaxants and realigned her jaw after running a number of tests. Her head and jaw are covered in what seems to be a compression bandage after having her jaw repaired.

Jenna was able to overcome her lockjaw with quick care. The 21-year-old maintained her optimistic attitude throughout, and her lockjaw videos are now becoming quite popular.

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Many individuals spoke about their experiences with Lockjaw in the comments. “Happened to me twice a few years ago in the middle of the night when I yawned,” one Instagram user said. My dentist, who I had to wake up for, “popped” my lower jaw back into its socket by pushing it down. I apologize that you had to go through that; now I’m afraid to yawn all the way and no longer feel the delight of a healthy yawn.

“As someone who has lived with severe lockjaw since middle school,” another individual commented. I’ve been in and out of physical therapy for years; this does, in fact, hurt.

The dislocation of the jaw results in lockjaw. Those with temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJ, often experience it. A locked jaw should never be forced; instead, professional assistance should be sought.

“I’m not a doctor, but I do have TMJ,” was written by someone who claimed to have TMJ in relation to their experience with jaw locking. I once had a locked jaw when I slept off at a cinema. It remained that way for days after I woke up. My only relief came from a very, very skilled chiropractor.

Many people complimented Jenna for maintaining her composure throughout in the comments. A comment on Instagram said, “What a cool and collected young lady.” It would terrify me out!

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