Seen A UFO In Jaipur? What is Acknowledged

The presence of aliens has long been a topic of discussion. There is currently no official proof that may formally affirm the existence of extraterrestrials. On different social media sites, we often see videos suggesting the presence of aliens. These movies often originate from different parts of the United States. One such video, purported to show a UFO being seen in the skies above Jaipur, India, went viral recently. The video went viral among internet users.

Watch this viral video:

According to reports, the video that gained a lot of attention on social media was filmed on May 4. The video claims that several viewers saw a flying object in the sky that didn’t resemble an airplane or a bird. The footage was captured from a tall structure. Because of the clouds, the thing kept going away and then coming back, piqueing people’s attention until it disappeared entirely. As for the video’s veracity, there isn’t any official confirmation.

Bien_forever is the Instagram account that uploaded the video. The account is well-known for sharing bizarre films that often astound viewers. The user said, “UFO spotted in Jaipur, India (May 4, 2024)” as the description after posting the video. What are your thoughts about it? There were millions of views on the video. More than 70,000 people liked it on Instagram.

Following their viewing of the video, some individuals declared the object to be a UFO, while others questioned the veracity of the footage. Another person said, “This is a real incident. After this, around 10–11 people died in mysterious ways. Reports say everything was normal and the reason for their deaths is still a mystery.” One user said, “Finally, aliens discovered other countries and states besides New York City.” In the meantime, a different user joked, saying, “Aliens finally came to India.” They must be here to sample some delicious cuisine, I’m sure.

These UFO films are often shared by users from all across the globe.

He uploaded another video from Croatia a few days ago; it was purportedly filmed in 2013. A strange item was observed soaring in the sky in the footage, but it disappeared after a short while.

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