Shakespearean poem against climate change by ChatGPT, "A Noxious Gas, Unseen But Fair," has gone viral

Shakespearean poem against climate change by ChatGPT, "A Noxious Gas, Unseen But Fair," has gone viral

After ChatGPT was introduced, artificial intelligence has been a hot topic. The globe has been discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the chatbot, which responds to several requests using text and visuals. Users from all around the globe are testing ChatGPT's skills during its recent surge in popularity by giving the chatbot interesting assignments. Recently, a Twitter user requested the chatbot to describe climate change in Shakespearean terms. The post has now gained a lot of attention and replies.

Dan Miller, a Twitter user, posted ChatGPT's reaction in a discussion on Twitter. Not only is the 28-line poem amazing, but it has also gained popularity. "I requested #ChatGPT4 to describe #ClimateChange in the voice of #Shakespeare. The outcome is truly remarkable, "wrote Dan.

"Prithee, hearken, thou sweet hearts and wise, To hear a story of warming in our sky," ChatGPT said at the beginning of the poem. A transformation that threatens the entire planet and worries everyone in many ways."

Amazingly, it overlooked the fact that carbon dioxide is a gas that supports all life on Earth and that lowering its levels would cause a worldwide famine and the extinction of all plant life "a Twitter user stated. Another commenter said, "Lovely and terrifying all at once. Now that #awake #chatgpt4 has realized what is obvious, one must wait for accusations."

An Instagram user who had just had a six-hour delay sought the AI chatbot for assistance in creating a "nice but passively aggressive and strong" email to an airline. The user can be seen capturing a room full of stranded travelers in the footage she uploaded. The lady decided to personally write to the airline about the trouble they created after going through the delay. Nonetheless, she made the decision to use ChatGpt to assist her compose the email. The chatbot's immediate response in the form of a formal letter to her request is seen in the video.