Snake’s Cruel Attack On Bird Turns Deadly In Seconds; Internet Takes Notice of Viral Video

If the term “turning the tables” had a video, this would be it; if it had a face, this snake would unquestionably be at the top. Social media users are delighted after seeing a video of a bird attacking a poisonous snake. The snake and its ploy, which gave the bird the impression that it had the upper hand when, in fact, that was not the case from the beginning, is what gained the public’s admiration, not the bird. The snake in the video was well-camouflaged, but the key was that it lured the bird with its tail, putting it in a certain death trap.

‘snake.chanel01’ was the Instagram account used to publish the video. The post’s description said, “The snake with its camouflage tail tricks the bird into coming closer and then it attacks it.”

The snake’s feat amazed many, and the video quickly became popular. Most people brought up the admirable, often astonishing tricks that many animals put on their prey. One such example was the snake in the video. Others praised the viral video as being lovely and a good representation of nature at its finest. Since it was released, the video has received hundreds of views from online users.

People voiced their opinions in the comment area. User: “So cool…the snake ‘knows’ to ambush its prey by setting itself up at the entrance to bird den…and then,” Another user noted, “This snake lives in the mountains of Ilam province in Iran.” A third person said, “The bird broke the news. A fourth person said, “That was very remarkable. A fifth user said, “Nature may be really wild at times.

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