Such a craze to look beautiful, this girl has undergone 100 plastic surgeries at the age of 16, now looks like this

Such a craze to look beautiful, this girl has undergone 100 plastic surgeries at the age of 16, now looks like this

What people don't do to look beautiful. If someone likes a fair complexion, then if someone likes pink lips, then people use all methods to get it. But you will also be shocked to know what a 16 year old girl did in China. Surprisingly, he is still not satisfied with his face.

In the craze of looking beautiful, a minor girl of China, Zhou Chun, has undergone her plastic surgery 100 times so far. The surprising thing is that she is still not satisfied with her face and is preparing for the next surgery. She feels that beautiful girls are always given easy tasks. This is why he resorted to plastic surgery to resemble a doll. So far, she has spent about Rs 4 crore 51 lakh. Zhou informed people about this by writing a post on social media after 100 surgeries. People are surprised on this matter.

Zhou wrote that she used to be ugly before surgery. His eyes were small and his nose was big due to which people used to make fun of him in school. After this, he decided to undergo surgery to look beautiful. Zhou has undergone several surgeries in different parts of the face, including ear, nose, lips, breast transplant in the last three years. She now wants to look like Barbie doll, for which she has now decided to undergo another surgery for which she is preparing.

How the origin of the word temple, learn the secret

How the origin of the word temple, learn the secret
The temple is a place where a person gets rid of all the worries of the world for a few moments. He has a feeling of spirituality and peace. If you go to the temple, but have ever wondered what the real meaning of the word temple is? How was this word formed? 
Meaning of temple:
It is said about the meaning of the word temple that this word is a combination of 'mind' and 'dar'. The gate of the mind means that the place where we open the gate of our mind is the temple.
I don't have space for:
The place where our 'I' means 'ego' and 'no' is the temple. It is said that God is in our mind. Therefore, the place where 'I' is not 'God' is only God.
Any place away from the mind. The temple literally means 'house' and the temple is also called the gate- like Ramdwara, Gurudwara etc.
Alay only of Shiva:
'By' belongs to some god, deity or guru. The 'Alaya' is only of Shiva and the temple or stupa is only for meditation and prayer. But at present all the above places are called temples in which any deity idol is worshiped. 

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