Teachers were teaching children by drinking beer, they started giving clarification when caught

Teachers were teaching children by drinking beer, they started giving clarification when caught

An embarrassing video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which will also make you angry. In this video, the teacher has done such a wrong act in the temple of education, seeing that people are criticizing the teacher fiercely. Earlier, a similar video had gone viral from Punjab, in which a professor had reached the college after drinking alcohol. When the children came to know about the professor that the professor had come after drinking. At that time the children had a lot of fun with the professor instead of studying. In the video, the professor was also seen singing a song in class.

In this sequence, now a video from the school of Hathras in the country's largest state Uttar Pradesh is going viral. It can be seen in this video that in a class of a government school, teachers are sitting and drinking beer. Children are sitting on the ground. Then a man enters the school with a live camera. After that, he reaches that class. Where teachers are busy talking and drinking beer instead of teaching. Teachers are shocked to see an unknown person coming into the class. However, they first hide the beer bottle for fear of being caught red-handed.

At the same time, the person goes to the teacher and starts recording from the mobile, then his eyes fall on the beer bottle. After giving his name, the teacher says that make a recording of the beer bottle as well. After this, by showing the bottle hidden on the chair, it is said that there is one more. From the gesture of the teacher, it seems as if he does not regret drinking beer in the temple of education and does not fear the administration.

This video has been shared by Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chairperson Swati Maliwal. In its caption, he has written – Masterji, in a state of intoxication, is teaching children. The video is being told of Hathras UP. If the teachers who are the creators of the children's future do such a thing, can the future of the children be good? Take action on this teacher immediately.

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