Thanks to his daughter, a Kerala man living in the United Arab Emirates won a Rs. 33 crore lottery prize. This is how he plans to spend it

After winning a jackpot of 15 million dirhams (about Rs 33 crore) in the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi weekly lottery draw, an Indian man living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) took center stage. However, what he did next caused him to become very popular in both India and the United Arab Emirates. thanks to his daughter a kerala man living in the united arab emirates won a rs 33

For the last three years, Rajeev Arikkatt, a Kerala native, has been trying his luck in lottery games. But the guy and his four-member family were about to experience a significant money boom because to the latest ticket number. For the last ten years, Arikkatt, his wife, and their two children, ages five and eight, have resided in the United Arab Emirates. However, the man’s otherwise unremarkable life took a turn he never imagined coming very lately. The fact that Arikkatt and his wife chose the lottery ticket based on the combinations of their children’s birthdays made the victory much more noteworthy. The couple didn’t have much in mind when they purchased the ticket with the number “037130” until they were declared the winners.

“I have lived in Al Ain for almost a decade now. I have spent the last three years buying tickets. I have never before won the lottery. The dates of our children’s birth, seven and thirteen, are the tickets that my wife and I chose this time, Arikkatt was cited as telling the Times.

A Keralan living in the UAE thanks to his daughter wins a Rs. 33 crore lottery prize. Pexels is the source.

However, this was not the first time the couple had a nearly fortunate ticket number in their hands that coincided with the dates of their two children’s births. The lottery winner said, “Two months ago, I narrowly missed Dh 1 million with the same combination, but this time I was fortunate.”

The guy, who lived in an architectural firm and worked as a draftsman, had been playing the game for a long, so he was fast to recognize the big call. “I couldn’t express myself. I was unable to put the emotions into words. I had been listening to the host’s voice for years, so I knew who it was. Though I knew he had announced the winners, I had no idea it would be the top honor. He was cited by the Times as stating, “It was unexpected.”

The man’s choice of how to spend the “win,” however, is what really went viral, even if the whole narrative was unique. The guy and his family chose to divide the money among the 19 individuals, exhibiting an uncommon level of kindness. Arikkatt referred to it as a “life-changing moment” and listed the benefits that his family and the aforementioned group will soon experience. The guy was cited as adding, “This is a life-changing moment, not just for me but for others in our group.”

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