The Bhangra of an Energetic Older Woman Will Brighten Your Day

Some individuals see age as merely a number. Internet users often find a variety of films and snippets that highlight people’s abilities. Social media platforms are plenty with interesting stuff, from singing aboard a metro train to creating something original. However, social media enthusiasts are enthralled by dancing videos that showcase the skill of inexperienced dancers or senior citizens. The younger generation often establishes dominance in the dance world, but lately, an elderly woman’s “Bhangra” dance techniques have received a lot of praise on social government calls banks and fintechs meeting to talk about cyberfrauds report downl

The internet has gone crazy over the viral video of an old lady doing a high-octane Bhangra. The old lady in the video is seen doing flawlessly and effortlessly some electric Bhangra routines while sporting a blue salwar kurta.

Her sense of dancing rhythms and facial emotions are on par with those of a young professional dancer, which further enhanced the overall appeal of the performance. Two ladies dancing behind her were so enthralled with her dance skills that they abruptly stopped and turned to face the crowd. The old woman controlled the dance floor with her movements, as shown in the video, and no one else could compete with her.

The video quickly gained popularity on social networking sites once it was posted. The old woman’s faultless dancing caught the attention of many on the internet. The description for the video said, “Punjabi Wedding is incomplete without this song,” and it was posted on the official Instagram account of the.bhangara.lover.

The video has received an astounding 16.6 million views and almost 77,000 likes. Social media users poured praise for the lady into the comment sections, unable to contain themselves. Even in my 30s, I won’t be able to dance like this, a person said. “Her expressions are no less than a professional actor,” said a second person.

Nonetheless, there are other older people dancing in videos that are becoming popular on the internet. A video of several old ladies swaying to the popular song “Badal Barsa Bijuli” by Ananda Karki and Prashna Shakya went viral in September 2023 because to their very dynamic dancing routines.


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