The Classic Look is Elevated by the Slept-In Smoky Eye

The current cosmetic trend is an uneven, sloppy, or hurriedly applied beauty look, which has given birth to a fad for the slept-in smokey eye. Making your eyes seem as if you didn’t take off your makeup before going to bed, complete with smeared mascara and eyeshadow, is the idea behind the simple but unsettling technique.

However, the autumn, back-to-school season, may usher in a darker, edgier, and nearly unkempt look. Summer is a time to go crazy and attempt everything. While Barbie and the Clean Girl’s tidy, vibrant aesthetics were all the rage in 2022, it seems that grunge is steadily but surely finding its way into women’s closets—and their restrooms. The ‘rockstar girlfriend’ style, which received hundreds of millions of views on social media this spring, followed the’succubus chic’ trend, which peaked at the beginning of the year. This aesthetic, which draws inspiration from grunge, underground, and gothic fashion, centers on leather, fishnet, rock band T-shirts, boots, and very smokey, almost panda-like eyes. This is where the slept-in smoky eye enters the picture, the newest fashion trend for grunge aficionados and people who lead a more relaxed the classic look is elevated by the slept in smoky eye download 2023 07 06t214401.098

The smokey eyes of Kate Moss

The goal is to apply eye makeup as if you hadn’t taken it off the day before, which is something that beauty purists would not even want to consider. The idea should appeal to people who just have a few minutes to spend on their morning routine. It is clearly conceivable — although not advised — to truly simply go to bed without removing your makeup. Wednesday Addams, the star of the popular Netflix series that premiered at the end of 2022, is undoubtedly the face of this new fashion, but it also shines a focus on grunge celebrities from the 1990s and 2000s, beginning with Kate Moss (who else? ), but also Pamela Anderson and even Angelina Jolie.

“Smoky eyes from the night before are scruffy and flawed. It’s awesome because of it. It’s unrepentant and a bit frightening. It’s energizing to experiment with various makeup techniques. Doniella Davy, the co-founder of Half-Magic Beauty and the chief makeup artist for “Euphoria,” told the beauty website Byrdie, “I try to think, ‘How can I make this look weirder and less perfect?'” With the help of celebrities like Dua Lipa, Emma Chamberlain, and Cara Delevingne, the trend has already taken over social media and is slowly finding its way into catwalks and red carpets.

Simply amp up a smokey eye and take it to the extreme by swapping out powdered textures for liquid or creamy ones to get the look of a slept-in smoky eye. Don’t limit yourself to the upper eyelid, either. On the other hand, in order to get the effect, you must apply the product flush to the lashes all the way around the eye. Contrary to what the name would imply, the goal is not to get a real panda eye appearance.



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