The hospital releases the smallest baby ever born in Connecticut, weighing only 350 grams

You must be aware of the many preterm births that occur on a daily basis. Many of the infants are under 1 kilogram in weight. However, now we’re going to tell you about the “smallest baby ever born,” who was delivered weighing only 350 grams. The infant is now in perfect health despite being delivered at barely 22 weeks, according to sources. Doctors are in utter disbelief and are calling it a miracle.

The event occurred in Connecticut, a US state. When the little girl left St. Francis Hospital and returned home, the whole hospital staff was in jubilation. Doctors claim that pregnant Francis Anguera, who had been poisoned, was in great agony when she came at the hospital on February 18, 2023. Thankfully, however, her baby daughter was born on February 22 in the morning. At the time, the infant weighed just 12.4 ounces, or around 350 the hospital releases the smallest baby ever born in connecticut weighing only 350 grams download 2023 07 03t212013.254

According to reports, the mother said she was told her daughter had pneumonia when she was born. Mother and child were both in danger. At first, it seemed like saving her may be difficult, but the doctors managed the situation and gave her exceptional care. The infant had therapy for around four months, and on June 29 she was discharged. She now weighs 3.40 kilos, or 7.5 pounds.

These neonates, according to the physicians, had very little chance of surviving since they were born before their bodies were even fully matured. Jose Arias-Camison, the hospital’s director, said that the newborn girl’s safe exit was a poignant moment for everyone. I love infants. I fell deeply in love with the infant daughter.

Curtis Zee-Keith Means, who was born on July 5, 2020, at the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital in Alabama at barely 21 weeks, is the US infant who was born the most prematurely and is still alive.




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