The internet finds Octopus’s disguise as a crab to be the “coolest” way to catch prey

There are hundreds of terrestrial and marine organisms that constantly astound us with their beauty and sometimes mind-boggling prowess. Many people are ignorant of the existence of the blue-ringed octopus, despite it being one of these amazing species. This creature’s modest frame and captivating design give it a lovely and innocent appearance. This little, lethal octopus is a master predator, able to blend in with its environment and even assume many the internet finds octopuss disguise as a crab to be the coolest way to catch prey 1

Similar to this, a video that demonstrates the incredible capacity of a blue-ringed octopus to pass for a crab has lately gone viral. The video begins with an amazing scene in which an octopus deftly covers her body such that, at first sight, she seems to be a crab. This was the creature’s effort to deceive and assault its victim. Subsequently, the cephalopod exhibits an unprecedented behavior. The Octopus attacks its victim by “walking” on two of its tentacles. Even when an octopus misses its target, it is amazing to see how resourceful the animal can be while hunting. Internet viewers were astounded by a video that was captured of the occurrence.

Ahmad Abdella, an Instagram user who rescues and maintains pet octopuses, posted the video. “I couldn’t believe that she did this!” is what the caption says. This kind of walking has only been seen in a few species of octopuses in the wild. Bipedal movement is an uncommon occurrence in captivity.

In only two days after it was posted, the video has already received over 40.6K likes. Social media users were shocked by this amazing but terrifying image of a hunter hiding in plain sight and shared a range of reactions.

“This is one of the most interesting things I have seen in a while,” said one Instagram user. “This is the coolest animal ever!” said a second. How wise she is. Another person said, “That’s terrifying and awesome.” A comment was made, “Wow! What a shot! We are so happy you were able to see this and share it with us. One user, shocked by the octopus’s skill, commented, “I didn’t think blue rings could do that! I adore it. An Instagram user said, “I love the innovation, but I can see she got impatient and the shrimp escaped.”





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