The internet is not pleased with this viral video of a Mumbai baker making pink biryani for a Barbie-themed party

Mumbai-based baker Heena Kausar Raad has been embroiled in controversy after making a wacky effort to capitalize on the worldwide Barbie-themed craze that captured viewers’ attention last year. Well-known for its vivid pink colors, the Barbie theme has encouraged fans all around the globe to incorporate pink into everything from cuisine to fashion. Heena, on the other hand, elevated this trend to a whole new level by planning a Barbie-themed celebration that included the unusual addition of pink biryani.

The event, which paid tribute to everything Barbie, included a variety of treats with a Barbie theme. One of the event’s highlights was a container filled to the capacity with pink biryani, along with pink raita and other dishes that were carefully prepared to complement the pink theme of the day. Heena showed her undying devotion to the theme by posting footage of the unusual pink biryani and other Barbie-themed dishes on her official Instagram site.

Though Heena put a lot of thought and work into creating a special Barbie-themed experience, her pink biryani received a lot of negative feedback online. The videos quickly gained popularity and attracted the attention of internet users everywhere. Reactions were mixed, with many criticizing the alteration of the traditional biryani and bemoaning the apparent loss of the dish’s true flavor due to the addition of pink dye.

Social media users were quick to react, with one writing, “This is not cool.” “I’d prefer to die instead of eating this,” said a forthright user. It was said by a third reviewer, “You literally killed biryani.” One fourth confused commenter just asked, “But why?”

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