The Kpop Music Awards feature’stinking’ headlines about used condoms, peeping fans, and poop on stage

The 31st Hanteo Music Awards, which took place on February 17 and 18, were supposed to be two major evenings for the Kpop business this year, but instead they turned into a nightmare as a slew of suspicious incidents happened one after another. Held in Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the 2023 Hanteo Music trophies were meant to be all about the honorable winners who brought home several recognitions and trophies. However, it turned into an event where fans peed and used condoms were the main attraction. Indeed, a number of fans and other social media postings have reported that used condoms were found in the trash cans, that a fan urinated on the stage, and that there were other supporters who urinated in public while the event was going on.

Videos and images of the idols responding to the “disgusting shenanigans” that were happening in front of them started to circulate online shortly after the award event. In short time, the internet was overrun with images of celebrities attempting to contain the situation and terrified security personnel scurrying about.

Fans posted their opinions on the internet. While others criticized those who lost control and caused the whole annoyance, others referred to the situation as puzzling and “unexpected.”

What the heck happened at the Hanteo Music Awards? I’ve heard around five separate accounts; did someone hurt themselves? Something went wrong and there was a fight? Were people shoving each other and dehydrated? what the heck was going on? stated a user.

Another added, “My experience at the Hanteo Music Awards—a thread.”

A third remarked, “To all the idols that attended the #HanteoMusicAwards, I salute you for your bravery.”

The Hanteo Music Awards summarized

-An actual human feces on the floor

-“Kim Jiwoong, leave the group,” was remarked by someone. One more fan struck them.

-Mingi and Hongjoong had to intervene and order their employees to put an end to the brawl.

Fans continued to shove one another.

It continued, “Aespa and Ateez were concerned.

Fifth added, “Hongjoong was concerned about the crowd at the Hanteo Music Awards, and Mingi told security to give out water in the crowd.”

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