The murder of a rat…the youth was arrested, watching the video people said – what time has come

The murder of a rat…the youth was arrested, watching the video people said – what time has come

Incidents of murder are often seen or heard, but sometimes some cases are quite surprising. Suppose you are passing through the road and a murder is happening in front of you, what would you do? It is obvious that you will get out of there immediately so that the murderer does not harm you. Although some people are also a little courageous and they confront the miscreants, a very strange and strange case related to murder has come to light in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, about which everyone is surprised to know how this can happen. Is.

You must have seen many accused arrested for killing humans or animals, but have you ever seen anyone arrested for killing a rat? No, this issue has become a topic of discussion in Badaun. The special thing is that the post-mortem of the deceased rat was also done by the police.

According to media reports, the matter is such that a person sitting on a roadside culvert had caught a rat. Then he tied a stone to his tail and threw him into the drain. During this time a person named Vikendra Sharma was passing from there. He stopped the man from doing so, but the madman did not listen to him and threw the rat into the drain to die. Although shortly after Vikendra Sharma took that rat out of the drain, but by then the rat had died.

Then what, Vikendra Sharma was filled with anger. When asked 'why did you kill the rat', the accused Manoj Kumar said that he kills rats like this and will keep killing them, doing whatever you want. Virendra Sharma could not resist hearing this from the accused and he complained about the matter to the police.

He demanded the police conduct the post-mortem of the rat, and also demanded action against the accused under the Animal Cruelty Act. Badaun police also tweeted in this regard and wrote that 'the dead rat has been sent to the Veterinary District Hospital, Badaun for post-mortem'.