The Reason This African Tribe Prefers to Stroll On 10-Foot Sticks

If you had to walk on sticks or stilts that were ten feet high every day, could you adapt to it? Many people will find this concept unrealistic, yet the Banna Tribe in Ethiopia has grown used to it. Recently, a video that was posted on X has drawn attention to this unusual custom. Using sticks, a few youths from the Banna tribe are shown in the film traversing the supposedly difficult terrain with ease. For a significant portion of the population, doing this can seem very difficult, yet the Banna tribe members are skilled at it. The video’s title says, “Precautions taken by the Banna Tribe to protect themselves from poisonous snakes.” One of the main explanations for why this tribe’s members choose to walk on sticks over their feet is indicated in the caption.


There are several further reasons why members of this tribe have chosen to walk on sticks, according to the Tales of Africa website. According to the website, their cultural identity is closely linked to the centuries-old stilt-walking practice. The Banna people have a long history of practicing stilt walking, both practically and spiritually.

In actuality, stilt walking made it easier for the tribe to navigate the swampy terrain in their area. They were able to cross rivers, move through muddy terrain, and stay safe from potentially harmful wild creatures and poisonous snakes thanks to it.

Developing the skills, stamina, and devotion necessary to become a stiltwalker in the Banna tribe takes years. The Tewa, or stiltwalkers, construct their stilts with the use of strong timber poles, leather straps, and ropes. The Banna tribe possesses an amazing degree of skill in self-balancing, which is essential for stilt walking. The Tewa demonstrates remarkable elegance and control with each stride. Their fluid body motions as they navigate around their environment may be observed in the video.

The tribe has added remarkable balance to dance-like motions, including high kicks, leaps, and spins, in addition to walking. Their performances get an artistic flare as a result. The tribal members walk on stilts while wearing bells and anklets.

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