The Reasons Eating Common Quail Meat Could Kill You

Earth is home to a multitude of exquisite birds. But are you aware that some of them are quite risky? Such a bird seems innocuous at first glance, yet it may be really hazardous. You’ve all probably seen it often on the balconies and parapets of your houses. Identify the bird, please. That’s exactly what it is—a quail. It may be found all over the globe, including in many parts of India. However, one species in particular is thought to be very toxic. We refer to it as the common quail.

One kind of wild bird that inhabits the ground is the common quail. They dwell in nests and are unable to travel great distances by air. People like hunting them because their flesh is said to be rather good. Most of Europe, North Africa, and West Asia are home to these birds. Despite its harmless appearance, this bird is said to be quite deadly and toxic.

Reports state that while quail has been consumed by humans since ancient times, doing so is thought to be very unhealthy. According to reports, its subspecies, Coturnix coturnix, is very toxic to humans. Actually, quail like eating specific plants that are thought to be harmful during their winter migration. This toxin stays in their bodies and may cause illness in humans if it gets into a human body.

Scientists claim that this toxin is in danger of causing rhabdomyolysis. It is a disorder that results in the deterioration of muscles and ultimately in muscle death, which is excruciatingly painful. Additionally, there are symptoms like nausea and vomiting that might sometimes result in renal failure. At times, this could even prove to be lethal. This toxin may be lethal and dissolve in body fat. A 12-year-old youngster was exposed to common quail poison a few days ago, and after spending eight days in the intensive care unit, he miraculously survived.

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