The Recycled Coffee Capsule Bicycle

In collaboration with Nespresso, the Swedish start-up Vélosophy will introduce a new bicycle model this summer that is manufactured from recycled aluminum coffee capsules. This bike, which goes by the moniker RE:CYCLE, is really a first-generation reprint that was produced in 2019. Vélosophy believes that by launching this program, other bicycle manufacturers would be motivated to build their products using a variety of recycled materials. Nespresso has been working to improve its reputation in recent years when it comes to recycling, sometimes by starting new initiatives like this one. Take note of the convenient cupholder and bell in the form of a capsule for sipping coffee (or any other beverage) while on the the recycled coffee capsule bicycle 190813155730 03 velosophy bike recycled nespresso pods

This bike’s frame is made of 95% recycled aluminum, 20% of which is recycled Nespresso capsule metal. The prices for the conventional and electric variants of this edition, known as California Dream Blue, are €1,595 and €2,795, respectively. Starting in July 2023, a limited edition of 500 pieces will be released. Preorders are now available.

In addition, Vélosophy, in partnership with the NGO World Bicycle Relief, has pledged to provide a bike to a young woman attending school in a developing nation for each RE:CYCLE sold.

In a time when alternatives are rapidly proliferating, whether constructed from wood, bamboo, or even 3D-printed carbon fiber, the days of traditional steel bicycle frames seem to be numbered.



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