The stylist’s experiment with Ujala hair dye becomes viral; Blinkit and Swiggy Instamart respond

An unorthodox experiment by a hairdresser using Ujala bleached hair has created a social media frenzy of color-themed enthusiasm. The unconventional method is shown in a viral movie that has captured the attention of viewers worldwide. This has prompted comments from unexpected places, including as delivery apps Blinkit and Swiggy Instamart.

Rahul Kalshetty, a stylist, says he carried out the experiment in response to popular demand in a now-viral video. He continued by applying Ujala, a liquid fabric enhancer that is used to whiten clothing, to a client’s bleached, yellow-colored hair.

According to color therapy, blue stands in stark contrast to yellow and yellowish-orange colors. Blue is a great way to balance out hair that looks excessively orange or yellow. But using a liquid fabric enhancer for this is not the norm, and it might be dangerous. (See Also: SpiceJet To Retain 1,400 Workers As A Cost-Saving Effort; Specifics Below)

Surprisingly, the unorthodox approach seemed to be working. After being washed, Kalshetty’s client’s hair looked much whiter with blue undertones. But Kalshetty omitted to mention whether using Ujala affected the quality of the hair in any way.

The video generated lively responses.
Blinkit said, “So this is why we are getting so many Ujala orders,” and it received more than 17,000 likes. With a creative pun on “hair,” Swiggy Instagram said, “Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi hairan hoon mai,” garnering over 18,000 likes.

“One word: why?” said one person. Someone another said, “It looks kind of good.” “Who gave you a license?” was posted by a third individual.

Kalshetty tried Ujala on his own hair before he applied it to his customers’ hair. The hairdresser claimed that he and his colleagues had previously put blue ballpoint pen ink on bleached hair as one of his many neutralizer experiments.

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