The Viral Stunts of the Jabalpur Tea Seller to Entertain Customers

Kanhaiya Kumar, a tea trader in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, is becoming well-known for his abilities. A recent online video of the seller doing feats while brewing tea went viral. Various methods of preparing and presenting tea have become his specialty. People on social media like his antics. This keeps his clients entertained. The 65-year-old guy is now in the news. Prior to launching this company, he sold lassi. He began his business career at the age of ten and has been at it for forty years. Kanhaiya Kumar said that while selling lassi in the past, he picked up the skills. He attempted these antics while sipping lassi. He clarified that he picked up all of his talents from watching TV. He used to charge 10 paise for each cup at first. After all these years, he is now charging Rs 10 for each cup.


Everyone is amazed as Kanhaiya Kumar spins the glass 360 degrees by hand. The secret is that he keeps all the tea from spilling over the countertop—not even a single drop. His admirers are awestruck by his feats and congregate at his store every day to sip tea and watch him perform. Tea enthusiasts come from far and wide to sip tea from his establishment. They laud his ardor for brewing tea, even at this advanced age.

The video went viral, and Kanhaiya Kumar shot to fame. His store has seen an increase in foot traffic, which has allowed him to operate the firm even more profitably.

A different tea seller was shown in a recent Instagram video that went viral. He also started brewing tea in a similar way. Surat-based Pappu Chaiwala is a tea vendor who pulls off a number of tricks. He throws the milk package into the air while he’s preparing tea, only to have it land in the teapot. Then he adds tea leaves and his selected additives to the milk. After that, he transfers the tea to another pot and brings it to a boil before serving.

His tea stall’s address was included in the viral video. He got almost 25 million views on his video. His admirers expressed their shock in the comments section. “I believe he is also waiting to meet Bill Gates,” said one commenter. “His catching is better than the Pakistan team’s catching,” said another Instagram user.

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