The Weird Dating Trend That Generation Z Is Experiencing, Called “Frog-ization”

Have you ever come into a circumstance when someone you were really attracted to abruptly lost their attractiveness once they started feeling the same way about you? If this is accurate, you may have gone through a process known as “frog-ization.” The phrase, which was inspired by the story of “The Frog Prince,” in which a frog becomes a prince after gaining the love of a princess, describes the change in perspective that occurs as initial attraction wanes as an emotional relationship deepens.

In addition to red flags, beige flags, and being zombied, a new viral dating phrase is always being added, and now ‘frog-ization’ has joined this ever-expanding list. Gen Z is now experiencing a new dating phenomena known as this term in their relationships. But since it often happens without one’s knowledge, it is regarded as one of the worst dating trends.

It depicts the strange situation when your crush loses some of their attractiveness as soon as they start to show interest in you. According to a poll done by the think tank Zsouken, this phrase has grown in popularity in Japan and now holds the top rank.

In a study of 950 members of Generation Z, conducted by a Japanese think group, the keyword took first place. It serves as the Japanese version of what American Gen Z refers to as “ick,” showing how certain relationship experiences cut over cultural barriers and have a universal appeal.

‘Frog-ization’ alludes discreetly to the fairytale plot of ‘The Frog Prince,’ in which a frog changes into a prince when a princess falls in love with him. This phrase, however, turns the story on its head by expressing the understandable sensation of becoming disinterested in someone once the initial infatuation fades and they show you that they feel the same way. The disturbing conclusion that the person you were chasing was never as appealing as you once thought them to be might result from this realization.

Numerous more words and expressions from the buzzwords evaluated also made it into the list. For instance, the word “kawachii,” which is derived from the word “kawaii” (which means adorable), took second place. The word “uchukushii,” which comes from the word “utsukushii” which means lovely, came in second place. The abbreviation “cho-e,” which is a contraction of “chotto matte,” which means “wait a minute,” also made an appearance in the top 10.

This year, from May 8 to May 14, Zsouken conducted an online poll with the goal of examining Gen Z (those born between the second part of the 1990s and around the 2010s). 950 people, ages ranging from junior high school age to 26, responded to the poll. It is not unexpected that many of Gen Z’s buzzwords emerged from social networking sites given that the majority of them grew up on them.




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