This 10-foot-wide Florida home is priced at Rs. 5 crore

It may take almost half a person’s life to construct a home, and owning one is always an odd experience. This home in Florida, USA, is too small to accommodate a family of four, even though a house must have enough space for them.

According to the Unilad website, there is a property located in the South Jacksonville area of Florida that is only 1,547 square feet in size and has two stories. Its design consists of only one straight line. You can see how little this house is in relation to the typical Florida home, which is around 1,700 square feet.

A customer might anticipate that the price would be quite inexpensive given its small size; however, that is untrue. Reports state that it is listed for $619,000, or Rs 5.16 crore. The property is a beachfront home in South Jacksonville, and the ad describes it as a “unique” home built on a “narrow but deep lot.” It is the best choice for anybody looking for “a low-maintenance and energy-efficient home that comes with a builder-backed warranty,” according to the vendors.

Although the location exudes luxury, several residents found the building to be amusing. The bedrooms are built into the property, and the kitchen is open to the rest of the space. According to sources, the neighbor who used the land for gardening was understandably upset to learn that a home would be constructed there.

In addition, the plan’s drawbacks were brought up in a public hearing by the nearby residents and a few others. It was alleged that the board forbade any alterations to the space. Therefore, the builder’s only choice was to build a 10-foot-wide home rather than the previously suggested 15-foot-wide one.

The home was created “out of spite,” according to listing agent Ryan Wetherhold, who spoke with Business Insider. “To be honest, the builder almost built this out of spite just because you think we can’t build. Hold my beer,” he said.

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