This ‘Black Jalebi’ Is A Must-Try for All Dessert Fans

A satisfying dessert at the conclusion of a dinner makes it seem complete. Those who like Indian desserts have a plethora of options. There is something for everyone, from halwas to an enticing bowl of kheer and many more over-the-counter delicacies are available in stores. Even though there are many options, certain candies—like jalebi—are popular favorites. Unless they choose to venture forth, this crunchy, twisted confection covered in sugar syrup can never go wrong. This well-known treat was recently manufactured in a new version by a sweet vendor, dubbed “black jalebi,” to mixed reviews from foodies.


A seller is seen creating black jalebis in the video that a food YouTuber uploaded. The method for making this kind of jalebi remains the same, but the thickness and color are different. In the video, the seller forms several spirals in a pan of hot oil. The hawker turns the jalebis over as soon as it gets dark. Finally, he grabs them and submerges them in syrup. In the description, the individual who posted the video said, “Comment karke batao ye jalebi black kyu hai!”

The video went viral shortly after it was uploaded, and a ton of comments were left. Some were able to figure out why the jalebis were so black, but most people said the seller had burned them.

“Tune jalebi hai, bhai jala di hai,” other people said. “This black is not as good as fried bolte hai.” “Overcooked,” said one user, and “Colour dekh k hi khane ka mann nahi ho raha,” said another.

Some, on the other hand, said that it was a popular variation of jalebi prepared with paneer or khoya rather than maida, or refined flour, as is often seen in stores. “It’s mawa jalebi,” a user said. “It’s paneer jalebi, not maida jalebi as you know it. Milk solids turn black when they fry, just like gulab jamun,” said the other person. “Ye Bengali sweet hai or ese chana jalebi bolte hai,” someone said. Many others said that the process is the same as that of a well-known sweet kala jamun.

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