This couple marries on a speeding train, so forget about destination wedding aspirations

Wedding aboard a moving train is a new wedding venue in the industry that you should check out. Gone are the days when people spent millions and crores on destination weddings and pricey wedding preparations. You did really read it right. A couple who tied the sacred knot on a moving train garnered media attention, as hundreds of other passengers cheered them on. A couple performing the fundamental rites on a train was captured on camera and became popular for a variety of reasons after being posted online.

The user “Yadav Max Sudama” on the social networking platform Instagram destroyed the video. “Wedding on the moving train” was the caption on the post. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

While some thought the whole affair was wholesome, the majority of folks adored the train wedding. The passengers’ aid in having the couple married was also well-received by netizens. A few made jokes and sent their best regards to the recently married pair. As soon as it was shared, the video became viral. Since it was uploaded five days ago, 51K people have seen it.

Many offered their opinions in the comment area. “The people of India are leading the way in completing all of this,” a user said. “Who goes around on the train with Sindoor? Everyone is preparing to produce a video,” said another. “Everyone is in favor of awe. A third person congratulated you, saying, “All of the passengers got you married.” Salutations, Bhagwan. It is unique to India,” said a fourth individual.

The next person said, “Train bhi full speed me hai (train is also running at full speed).” “Marriage makes people so much happier,” another person said.

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