This hilarious mascot of a fried chicken shop in Bangladesh is dancing to a Bollywood song

Mascots are used by many corporations as marketing tools. People will often don mascot costumes in an attempt to get attention by handing out fliers and enticing passersby to sample their goods and services. A video of one of these mascots attempting to draw in consumers is now going viral. In the video, a guy costumed as a chicken—the mascot of Bangladesh’s Five Star fried chicken chain—dances outside the chicken restaurant to a Bollywood song. The 2013 action film Zanjeer has a song called Pinky, performed by Mamta Sharma and Meet Bros. The mascot is dancing to it.

Numerous onlookers end up focusing on the mascot because of its animated movements. This mascot’s dancing video was recently uploaded on Instagram by Tasfia Fatima, who commented, “Dude deserves a raise.” “Dhaka is wild,” the video’s caption adds.

Since it was released on February 6, this clip has received over 1.5 lakh likes. An Instagram user commented on this video, saying, “Manager must have talked about performance-based raise.” “I’d eat from this shop just from seeing that, even though I don’t like five-star chicken,” said a another commenter.

The nameless mascot in the video has been alluded to by some as Rohan from the Indian comedy “Best of Luck Nikki,” in which Rohan’s character works as a delivery boy and spokesmodel for the chicken restaurant Kukkad Nukkad. One Instagram user saw this and commented, “That’s Rohan from Best of Luck Nikki promoting Kukkad Nukkad.”

The guy received a lot of accolades for giving his work his all. An Instagram user commended the man’s commitment, saying, “Don’t laugh at him he is doing it for his family indeed he is hero.” “Seeing a lot of people sympathizing with the man in the video and I know it all comes from a good place but a job is a job,” said another, making a similar argument. This guy is amazing. You don’t have to feel sorry for him. Let the guy take pride in his work. There’s really no need to feel terrible for him since he’s not doing anything to be embarrassed of.

In the video posted above, Instagram user Tasfia Fatima implores viewers to show their support for the mascot-dancer by commenting, “If you want to help him, then go to this Five star shop in Kochukhet! It seems that he is expected to perform there often.

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