This is the cutest thing ever—a Keralan driver aids a man from the UK in finding an ATM

It’s a popular misconception that only professionals and educated people can speak English well. A new social media video challenge to this preconception has been making the rounds. In the video, Ashraf, a driver in Kerala, demonstrates his exceptional command of the English language. After UK YouTuber Zakky published the video while visiting India, it became popular. When Zakky asked the driver of the car in the video where the closest ATMs were, Ashraf answered with ease and even pointed out one that wasn’t operating. The passenger was pleased by the car driver’s answer, which was given in clear English.

The driver even offered to take Zakky on a tour during their talk, but the passenger declined. In addition, Ashraf offered to give him a lift to the closest ATM at no cost. Zakky published the incident on social media, winning praise for being honest with the driver.

“I was really struggling with the midday heat when an auto driver called out to me on the road in India,” the video producer said, sharing his own experience. The issue was that the hotel I had booked had a broken card machine, so they advised me to visit an ATM. Since I didn’t know where the ATM was, I decided to travel the major route that goes to Fort Kochi, even though I wasn’t in the best of health. When Ashraf saw me, he called out to see if I needed a ride. I was apprehensive at first, but after a little chat, I saw that he was amiable. I was uncomfortable to hear that the ATM wasn’t operating, but it made sense to accept his advice since I knew he knew the area well. Although it could have been the case that it wasn’t functioning, I know enough to know that tricks can sometimes be pulled.

Zakky continued his explanation, saying that they had driven past a State Bank of India (SBI) ATM that seemed to be in use. The vehicle driver stated that the ATM wasn’t working, despite his observations. Zakky discovered that the ATM was working later in the day. But compared to other Indian drivers of automobiles, Ashraf’s ability to speak English was impressive to the traveler. He said that he had previously had issues due to language limitations, which made him prefer utilizing Uber.

The traveler further expressed gratitude for the car driver’s character by saying in the post’s conclusion, “He is obviously a diligent guy and was quite honest most of the time. He obviously intended to take me sightseeing, but I requested that he not wait for me outside the ATM, and he complied perfectly. However, as I exited the ATM, he had disappeared.

One person commented on the post, saying, “Ashraf isn’t lying, SBI ATM won’t work most of the time.”

“This is how educated people treat you,” said another.

“In Kerala, even the car guys communicate in English.” Whoa,” someone wrote.

“Just an average Rikshawala speaking English,” someone else said.

after Zakky’s post’s over a million views.

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