This is the world's richest village, every person has one crore rupees in his bank account!

This is the world's richest village, every person has one crore rupees in his bank account!

There are many such unique places in the world about which very few people know. There is such a village in the world that you will be surprised to know about it. As soon as we hear the name of the village, we start seeing pictures of raw roads, kutcha houses, and fields of the village. But now the condition of the villages has improved a lot and big changes have been seen. But there is a village in the world, where people earn lakhs and they have a luxurious houses. This village has left even big cities behind. It is believed to be the richest village in the world.

This village is located in the Jiangsu state of China, whose name is Wakshi. This village was called the richest village in China. It is said that the lifestyle of the residents of this village has left behind the big nobles living in the cities. Let's know about this village...

In this village in China, you can get facilities like the capital of any country. You may not believe this knowing this, but it is absolutely true. Seeing the facilities of this village, people also call it a super village. There is a skyscraper in this village which is 72 stories. Along with this, there are also helicopter taxis, theme parks, and luxury villas.

According to a media report, every person out of 2,000 residents of this village has more than Rs 1 crore 10 lakh. Everyone here lives in a villa and everyone has luxury cars included. About two thousand people live in this village. People here live a luxury lifestyle.

Wuxi village in China has major companies like steel and shipping, and most of the houses in the village are built alike. These luxurious homes look no less than a hotel. The roads of this village attract people. Earlier this village was once poor. The Communist Party's local secretary, Wu Rainabo, is credited with taking this village to the pinnacle of its success.

China's Wakxi village is an agricultural country, but the idea of ​​​​farmers made it one of the richest villages in the world. In media reports, these villages were settled in the 60s. Here all the people started doing collective farming. Iron and steel industries were also established in the village. By the beginning of the 21st century, there were more than 100 companies here. Among them were companies related to the business of iron, steel, and tobacco.

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