This PDA Packed with Pani Puri Will Make You Sick

Social media users are collectively cringing at an ugly video that depicts a couple eating pani-puri in a most dubious way. A pair is seen in the undated video, which seems to have been purposefully filmed and produced for social media, standing in front of a pani-puri stall. The female doesn’t seem to want to eat as the guy finishes the snack. When she places a dry pani puri shell in her mouth, her companion is prompted to add water from his own lips to the shell. The internet recoils in dismay at this somewhat strange and “unappetizing” exhibition of public manoj bajpayee claims ott platforms no longer support the independent cinema movem

The identities of the participants in the video are unknown, as is the date and location of the shoot. A well-known X account posted it online on Thursday. It quickly attracted more than five lakh views. People discussed how uncomfortable they felt seeing the video in the comments section.

“In the interest of followers’ mental health, such videos should not be shared at night or in the morning,” an X user said. The video was dubbed “The most disgusting kind of PDA seen on the internet” by someone.

Others expressed sympathy for the pani puri vendor, who had to endure such an awkward situation. An X user said, “Feeling bad for golgappe wala,” expressing this attitude. “I am certain that the seller has moved shop elsewhere,” said a different guy.

One X user commented, “Then there’s me – you put your hands/spoon on my plate and I am done,” adding that they would never partake in anything similar. There is no way such cooties could enter my body.

There are more videos that capture obscene and maybe dangerous PDA behavior. A couple engaging in PDA while bicycling on NH9 close to Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram neighborhood in June of this year sparked controversy. In the video, the guy raced his bike through traffic while the lady sat on the gasoline tank, facing her lover and giving him a hug.

The bike rider was fined a total of Rs 21,000 for a number of infractions, including not wearing a helmet, having a defective number plate, breaking air pollution regulations, and participating in unapproved racing and speed trials in a public area, according to a post made on X by the Ghaziabad Traffic Police after this video went viral.


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