This woman has over 37 food allergies; here’s how she still manages to eat and travel

Joanne Fan, a content producer from Seoul who is 21 years old, recently disclosed that she has a wide range of allergies. She hilariously said that after learning about new things she is allergic to, she has “37 new ways to die.” Fan, who has a sizable social media following, provided insights into her life and travels while coping with allergies that cause eczema. She said that despite having allergies as a child, Fan has never felt as like she is losing out because of her limited diet. “I’m allergic to all nuts and seafood,” she admits. Since 37 is my favorite number, I’ll simply mention that, however the actual number is far this woman has over 37 food allergies heres how she still manages to eat and trave 1

She apparently learned about numerous new allergens during a recent patch test at a doctor’s clinic, including sensitivities to fruits like grapefruit that she hadn’t previously thought to be allergic, according to the New York Post.

Fan says she’s not bothered about her allergies, even if they provide obstacles. “I made light of my condition by jokeing on my backtest video that I had new ways to die,” she stated, admitting that she isn’t really concerned about her allergies.

Fan has had these allergies for the most of her life, so she is well aware of when a negative response is about to happen. “I can feel my flare-ups coming on before I start to turn red,” she said in her explanation. “I usually start itching or feel really hot after eating something I’m allergic to, and they usually start within 10 minutes.”

Fan finds that the hardest part isn’t avoiding particular meals; rather, it’s how it affects her eczema. “The worst thing about it all is how it affects my eczema rather than my nutrition,” she says. “People ask me what’s wrong with my face when they see me. Why do you have such a red face? This year, it’s flared up really significantly, and it’s seriously damaged my confidence,” she said.

Fan has regrettably had to put up with harsh remarks made by internet strangers. Fan said, “Even though my parents do have allergies, I’ve been told not to have children.”

Fan overcame her embarrassment with the help of her friends, even though she was first afraid to reveal her face on camera because of hurtful remarks. In order to assist others going through similar struggles, she made the decision to share her tale, according to the New York Post.

Fan has discovered a benefit to sharing her stories despite the hate she has received online. I’ve also learnt a lot about controlling my problems, and it’s been lovely to give my advice online and get letters from those they’ve helped, the woman says. She says that drinking enough of water helps control her eczema better than avoiding items that trigger allergies.

Fan also highlights her skincare regimen, avoiding active ingredient products other than retinol, which helps to maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hamdan Abdullah Hamed, who is aware of the science underlying allergies and how the body produces antibodies in reaction to perceived threats, underlines the need of taking preventative measures to prevent potentially fatal responses. He agrees that allergies may be a major source of discomfort for a lot of people, and even while the exact cause of certain food allergies is still unclear, exercising caution is essential, according to the New York Post.


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