Two Passengers Fight Intensely Over A Train Seat on Indian Railways; Online Commenters React

When two guys started fighting over a seat on a train, numerous passengers found it to be the height of fun. The little dispute quickly escalated into a physical altercation that quickly amused many. The humorous comments provided by a third passenger who was filming the whole situation served as the icing on top of the entire ordeal. The same video appeared online and quickly gained popularity due to its extremeness. While some criticized the Railways administration, the majority of individuals praised the remark. The user ‘Ghar ke kalesh’ shared the video on the social networking platform X (previously Twitter). The caption on the picture said, “Kalesh b/w Two Guys inside Indian Railways over seat issues Bihar.” download 2023 10 17t175442.699

People enjoyed the film, which caused it to become viral. While the majority of comments lamented the Indian Railways’ deteriorating administration and circumstances, some found the situation humorous and praised the background commentary. Others made jokes about it and described it as usual Indian entertainment. Yesterday, the video was posted and had 216K views.

Many individuals shared that post in the comment area. Commentary “ne maza double kar diya bhai,” as one user put it, “made the brawl more interesting.” A classic Indian Railways story, I hear you say! Seat problems might become quite serious. Another individual said, “Wonder whether they figured it out or battled to the final station. Another user commented, “Shahrukh Khan style mai hey hey hey bhaiya chodd do.” A fourth passenger said, “Local Train ki halat sach me bohat buri hai (The condition of the local train is honestly not good)” “I had no idea the top bunk had so much room. One more bed may be squeezed in by Indian Railways, a fifth user suggested.

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