Uber Driver in Bengaluru Gets Into a Fierce Argument With Passenger Who Wants to Turn on the AC: “Talk Kannada”

An Uber driver and his client got into a violent disagreement over a simple request to switch on the air conditioning at a weird event in Bengaluru. The heated conversation between the driver and passenger about the broken air conditioning is captured in a video that has been published on “X.”


In the video, which is available on the “Ghar Ke Kalesh” website, the passenger questions the driver about the reason for his outburst. After the passenger started speaking in Hindi, the driver lost his temper and made the passenger talk in Kannada.

The passenger, Dr. Atharv Dawar, clarified that he requested the driver to turn on the air conditioning, and that’s when the problem started. The driver declined, saying there was an issue with it. The driver first spoke to Dr. Dawar in Hindi, but he then insisted on speaking Kannada, which made things worse.

As everyone is starting to form an opinion, allow me to provide some context: the 16-second video comes first and is followed by the other video. Since his friend’s Indica was dirty and without air conditioning, I declined to sit in it. After that, I sat in his vehicle and he spoke to me only in Hindi.” Mr. Dawar shared the recordings on X.

However, as soon as I requested that he turn on the air conditioning, he became charged. As you hear him reply in Hindi, AC nahi hai. He went on, “It’s not about language here; it’s about conceited and reckless people using Kannada language as a smokescreen to continue coning unsuspecting people who travel to BLR for work.”

Along with reporting the driver to Uber Support, Dr. Dawar also shared a picture of the cab’s number.

The video went viral quickly and sparked a variety of public responses. “I find the driver to be arrogant in this case,” said one spectator. He is not answering the question, and although he is attempting to be helpful and is not requesting that the driver talk in Hindi or any other language, I am not sure why the driver is acting in this manner.

“You are not alone here. It’s become a trait for drivers to change their stance once they arrive,” said another person. Sadly, taxi aggregators lack electricity or choose not to. A consistent raking mechanism must be implemented, and drivers who get unfavorable assessments must be temporarily removed from the rosters.

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