Unusual advertisement in Karnataka wants to marry a deceased lady

Here in the Dakshina Kannada area, a recent newspaper ad looking for a groom for a lady who died away thirty years ago has made waves.

This unusual advertising comes from a family in Puttur, in the Dakshina Kannada area. They feel that their daughter’s single status in the hereafter is what’s giving her continuous disasters, therefore, they are trying to set her up for marriage.

The family suffered sorrow thirty years ago when their baby girl died. Since then, they have encountered unforeseen difficulties.

They asked elders for advice, and they were informed that their problems could have originated from their daughter’s restless soul.

The family made the unusual and touching decision to organize her marriage in order to give her soul peace.

The parents placed an advertisement in a district newspaper that is widely read in order to locate a husband for someone who passed away thirty years ago.

“Seeking a groom who passed 30 years ago for a bride (sic) who passed 30 years ago,” the advertising says. Kindly give the number a call in order to set up a pretha maduve, or spirit marriage. The distraught parents claim that despite the best efforts of family and friends, they were unable to locate a suitable dead groom who belonged to the same caste and age.

This unusual practice highlights a long-standing custom in Tulunadu, the area where the local dialect Tulu is spoken and which is comprised of three coastal districts in Karnataka and a section of the neighboring Kasargod district in Kerala.

This is a place where planning a dead person’s marriage is very emotional.

Folklore specialists from Tuluva claim that the deceased stay in touch with their relatives and participate in both their happiness and sadness. Consequently, food offerings and arranging marriages for departed spirits are prioritized above rites like as “Pinda Pradana” and “Vaikunta Samaradhane.”

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