Unwashed dishes and unclean rooms are penalized in China

A Chinese county administration has implemented stringent measures aimed at fostering hygienic habits among the local population. In the southwest Chinese province of Sichuan, this administration is referred to as the Puge County. According to the South China Morning Post, those who neglect to wash their dishes will be fined 10 yuan (about Rs. 116). Those who neglect to undertake basic domestic duties like making their beds will also be subject to this punishment. Furthermore, those who squat while eating will be fined 20 yuan (around Rs 233). Additionally, the locals would need to take extra care to routinely wipe the spider webs within the home. If they don’t do this, they risk being fined five yuan (about Rs. 58). They would also need to take care to avoid contaminating the courtyard with trash or excrement. Depending on how serious the issue is, penalties might range from 3 (Rs 35) to 10 yuan for maharashtra schools will include agriculture subject in their curriculum beginning

Titled “Fine Standards for the New Countryside for Human Settlement Environment,” the new policy was started by Puge County. It lists fourteen kinds of behavior that are punishable by penalties in an effort to improve living circumstances. The warning emphasizes that penalty for further offenses would treble.

On November 14, the village’s vice-director spoke with the South China Morning Post about this policy. The new penalties are still being prepared, according to the vice director. He claims that the aim is to deal with the widespread problem of “dirty, messy, and disorderly living conditions.” “When you visit a farmer’s home, the conditions are frequently far from presentable,” the speaker said. There are several dogs around, a lot of mosquitoes, spider webs, and people eating on the ground in this untidy and dirty setting. Additionally, he said that these sanctions would not be sufficient to solve these issues. He claims that the penalties are intended to deter people from spreading dirt about.

The administration intends to reinvest the funds earned in the community, the vice director said. He suggested that we would be able to buy them a broom if the home was fined three yuan.


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