US Vice President Kamala Harris’s Hip-Hop Dance Goes Viral, Splitting Netizens

People all around the globe, particularly aficionados of the peppy music, have been organizing several parties and celebrations over the milestone as the popular hip-hop genre marks its 50th year. US Vice President Kamala Harris joined the celebration by throwing a party of her own. The 58-year-old went all out for the event, embracing 90s style. During this time, a video of Harris dancing and showing off her hip-hop skills appeared online and became viral. The video left the internet’s users split; while some praised her movements, others thought it was images 37 3

The user ‘Anthony Brian Logan (ABL)’ posted the video on social networking platform X (previously Twitter). “Kamala Harris with the granny moves at her 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop party,” said the post’s description.

In the video, a few other persons including the US Vice President can be seen dancing to a tune. She opted for a 90s vibe by donning multicolored top and pink high-waist leggings. With a huge grin on her lips, Harris danced a little to some hip-hop rhythms and seemed animated.

The video attracted several responses from online users and quickly went viral. While some people praised her dancing and called it authentic, others disliked her outfit and even used the word “cringe” to describe it. On September 10, the video was posted and received 43.8K views from online users.

In the comment section, individuals voiced their opinions. One user commented, “Shocked she didn’t insist the Playlist feature all Tupac music.” Another individual said, “This woman knows the danza de la muerte.” “Yes, this is embarrassing—but why aren’t we addressing the much sadder truth: This is choreographed—she knew in advance that this would be posted and still couldn’t conjure up something more convincing than this nauseous display,” a third person said. “I am at odds. She is honorably enjoying a significant milestone, thus I believe she has every right to dance as she wants. And she looks fantastic!” chimed in a fourth. “Kamala seems attractive to me! Let’s see how you do,” chimed in a fifth.

Hip-hop fans went above and above to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the hip-hop genre in the music business. August 1973 saw its creation. The Bronx in New York City, where Clive Campbell, then known as DJ Kool Herc, was 18, is credited with creating the genre.

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