Vacancy: 'Become girlfriend, you will get two lakh salary per month' two boys advertised

Vacancy: 'Become girlfriend, you will get two lakh salary per month' two boys advertised

Two Lakh Salary for the Job of a Girlfriend: Many news advertisements are often the subject of discussion among these because strange demand is made in them, many times these advertisements are related to marriage and relationship. One such case has come to light from Thailand where two boys have taken out advertisements for girlfriends for themselves. According to the advertisement, these boys want girlfriends and they will also pay a month's salary of two lakh rupees for this.

What are the conditions to be fulfilled in the advertisement?
Actually, according to media reports from Thailand, both these boys are originally from China but they want girlfriends from Thailand. The interesting thing is that this advertisement has been taken out by a friend of these boys. He has also told which conditions have to be fulfilled in the advertisement. Both the boys will give two lakh rupees to their girlfriends and if needed its amount can also be increased.

The girlfriend will get Rs 2.16 lakh as a salary
According to reports, the girl has written in the advertisement that two Chinese friends are looking for girlfriends. The girlfriend's age should be between 18 to 23 years. My girlfriend will get Rs 2.16 lakh as a salary, both are my friends, they are nice and clean people. If both of you liked your work, then you can get even more salary.

It has also been told that both boys need only Thai girlfriends and girls who want to be girlfriends must know the Chinese language. As soon as this ad was posted and went viral on social media, people started reacting and taking jokes.

Let us tell you that this is an interesting advertisement in itself, but the advertisements for marriage and relationships have been going viral from time to time. Recently, a similar advertisement surfaced on social media in which it was told that the groom is looking for a girl. The family wants a groom who is an IAS/IPS or a doctor or an industrialist. But at the end of the ad, it was written that software engineers please do not call. This advertisement also went viral.

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