Video of a little child setting off fireworks on a grill has internet users in stitches

Pranks, particularly chaotic ones, can make a lasting impact on the audience. A similar disorderly funny prank was played on a few individuals at a barbecue party. Its video is now becoming viral, and internet users think it to be quite humorous. The celebration in the video turned into a nightmare for the guests when a little child tossed some crackers onto the grill.

The account ‘CCTV IDIOTS’ posted the video on microblogging platform X (previously Twitter). “Kid puts fireworks on the grill as a prank,” was the description for the photo.

In the centre of the shed, where several people were having fun, was a grill. Unnoticed, a child moved back a short distance after tossing some crackers onto the grill. Chaos ensued as a result of the crackers suddenly exploding, and people began to flee for cover. Another guy was spotted running and being struck by a pole. The grill was on fire as the video concluded, and people were yelling.

Despite the fact that the scenario was perilous, the message made the online community chuckle because it seemed funny. In a single day, 290.8K people watched the video. The internet users inundated the comment area with their opinions. The majority of people laughed at the joke and thought the youngster had a great concept.

“This innocent joke is hilarious! But I’m curious about the kid’s sources of inspiration,” one commenter said. Another person commented, “This was me when I was a youngster. A third netizen said, “Poor guy that went straight into the pole.” A fourth person said, “When movin’ on up, but you still have drive-by reflexes.” A fifth individual said, “This kid has a future.” A sixth person commented, “Lol I remember my nephew setting his dad’s mattress on fire while he was sleeping.” Seventh: “Grandpa Vietnam flashbacks started,”


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