Video of a woman proposing to her boyfriend at Kedarnath sparks debate on using phones in places of worship

A lady is seen proposing to her boyfriend in a video that is presently going viral on social media as they are outside the Kedarnath temple. The girl, dressed in a yellow saree, is sitting on her knees while clutching a ring for her boyfriend. The Kedarnath Temple is one of India’s holiest places. Only between April and November is the temple available to visitors owing to the severe weather. Thousands of worshippers journey 22 kilometers from Gaurikund to the shrine at this time.

The youngster can be seen praying in the footage. Before he had a chance to comprehend anything, the girl kneels down and gives him a ring as a proposal. The guy reacts with emotion after being startled, and the two can subsequently be seen giving each other a strong embrace. Despite the fact that the video is charming and features a very happy pair, it has generated internet debate. Many people have discussed how, as a result, phones shouldn’t be permitted in places of worship.

One justification for banning smartphones from all prestigious temples and shrines The Twitter user who shared the video commented, “Just a Basic Phone within 20 KMs from the Main Temple, Eliminates Unnecessary Crowd. “What makes it awful. They respected everyone’s privacy and enjoyed their time. They deserve our congratulations,” said a different individual.

The relationship between Bhagwan and his devotees is very intimate and holy. With the blessings of the deity, everyone has the freedom to display their devotion as they see fit. Another person said, “I think this to be extremely lovely and respectful.