Video of the Bride Dancing Vivaciously On Stage Goes Viral

Video of the Bride Dancing Vivaciously On Stage Goes Viral

On social media, we often come across amusing and popular videos. A particularly funny video of a bride dancing on stage as the husband sat next to her couldn't stop laughing has recently gained popularity on social media. Since being posted on Instagram last month, the video has received more than 130,000 likes and over six million views.

The bride and groom are seen standing on stage as the brief film begins. The bride can be seen dancing with the little children as soon as a song begins playing in the background and they start doing so. Later, she can be seen holding the groom's hand and sweetly inviting him to dance with her, but he declines.

The bride may be seen dancing in the video to the song "Palki Pe Hoke." The bride is seen sporting a white suit-pant, while she is adorned in a gorgeous bright red lehenga. He may be seen in the video grinning broadly as he watches the bride.

Online people poured all types of responses into the comment box. One person commented, "The bride is looking really joyful." "Lovely pair... May God keep them both happy in this way "another remarked.

Prior to this, a video of a bride showcasing her extraordinary flexibility on stage had gone viral online. Prachi Tomar, an Instagram user, published the video. The bride was first seen placing a garland around the groom's neck. However, the bride bowed back in an arch while wearing a heavy wedding lehenga just as the groom made the decision to follow suit.

With 1,44,000 views, the video received 1.7 million views and received various comments. The bride's behaviour astounded the internet. One user said, "Bride is creating Matrix movie vibe."